February 3, 2022 | Legal Department | NCR


Monitors the cases of the company.

· Review contracts and other related legal documents for the company.

· Review and filter documents before handling it to Corporate Lawyer.

· Prepare reports of administrative, civil, criminal, and labor case.

· Prepare correspondence and demand letters.

· Assist in preparing reports for corporate lawyer meetings

· Organize and safe keep the legal and confidential papers.

· Preparation of small claims cases.

· Coordinate with external lawyers regarding company cases.

· Organize schedule of messenger and liaison officers.

Coordinates with other executive’s secretary for the signatures of important documents

· Coordinate to different government agencies for follow up of permit.

· Coordination with Plant Operations Head for permit compliance.

· Review and update the movement of regulatory compliance of the company.

· Safe keep Legal Department’s Revolving Fund.

· Prepare RFP for payment requirements of the department & other shared services.

· Monitor, organize, and control the inventory of department’s office supplies.


  • Law Graduate
  • Who has had actual work experience as a Paralegal for at least a year; or
  • Has completed a Paralegal Certification Course.