Operations Assistant

November 13, 2020 | Plant Operations Division | Balayan, Batangas


• Process daily ordering of stores thru Integrated SMS Application (ISA).
• Communicating with the store personnel for their orders and deliveries.
• Preparing of store sales invoices and delivery receipt for orders.
• Endorse to accounting items such as backload charges for statement of account issuance.
• Provide supplies of store forms such as daily opening checklist, petty cash voucher, petty cash fund replenishment report, return item slip, daily sales remittance report, cash invoices, etc.
• Schedule routing of delivery trucks and designated driver and helper that will cater the deliveries to stores.
• Prepare trip tickets including all items for delivery.
• Monitor the availability of stocks of other merchandise (OM) and canister products.
• Assist in the dispatching of route delivery for the accuracy of the items that will be delivered to stores.
• Reconcile with the Cylinder Controller for the total LPG and cylinders sold with the stores.
• Coordinate with the Cylinder Controller for the available stocks of cylinders for deposit, and with the Quality Control Personnel for cylinders return and for replacement to the store.
• Check the availability of stocks of consumables such as seals, paints, thinners, liquid soaps, cotton gloves, etc.
• Provide assistance with the Cylinder Controller for cylinder control and inventory management in preparing cylinder rebates.
• Assist the operations in daily activities including management of diesel consumptions, monitoring of motor pool supplies.
• Assist the driver and helper that will cater daily delivery and entertain their requests and inquiries.
• Develop procedures which will provide efficient and effective operations setup.
• Perform other tasks assigned by the supervisor as needed by the team.
• Provide necessary assistance to the Logistics Team and Metals Management Team as needed.
• Participate in the ‘Occupational Health and Safety’ (OH&S) programs and initiatives in the store, plant and department in accordance with over-all OH&S objectives and directions
• Initiate, coordinate and implement with OH&S all safety and health programs.
• Follow the Safety Procedures implemented all the time in the plant premises i.e wearing of PPE’s.


• Highest Educational Attainment : College Graduate
• College Degree : BS Operations Management or any related
• General Skills:
o Good verbal and written communication skills
o Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced environment business setting
o Proficient in using Microsoft Office Applications
o Strong analytical skills on various data and information
o Good customer relations and business work environment experience