Brand & Corporate Communications Manager

March 19, 2021 | Brand and Communication Department | Pasig City


 Oversees the development of the brand and communications calendar to ensure
synchronization with all Sales Division programs.
 Liaises constantly management, sales, and support groups to ensure strategic fit.
 Supports new business opportunities where required.
 Responsible for the production of all communications materials.
 Submits briefs for any local work that will be flighted via mass media to the management
team before in-house production or submission to external agencies or media providers.
 Controls costs rigorously.
 Directs local public relations, where required

 Responsible for the development and execution of the corporate Marketing and
Communications plans.
Brand & Corporate
Communications Liaises closely with the presidents of LPGC and BIVMC, the planning and pricing groups,
and with various business units to develop marketing plans. Continuously monitors actions
against plan.
 Utilizes marketplace knowledge and competitive intelligence in the planning process.
 Continually updates managers to ensure all interested parties are aware of market conditions.

 Develops and maintains relations with advertising agencies.
 Conducts regular agency reviews.
 Rigorously controls media budgets.
 Provides data to the management and ensures all media plans are synchronized

 Oversees all marketing research.
 In conjunction with relevant managers, oversees tests of advertising materials.
 Where required, tests regional materials to ensure that local nuances/flavors are incorporated in the communications material.

 Promotes BIVMC and LPC brands and disseminates communications content to key
audiences and stakeholders.
 Organizers and plans online and in-person events which will build brand and corporate
 Delivers internal communications and messages through different channels and executes
strategic communications campaigns that will help further organizational goals.
 Engages local government units, and relevant regulatory agencies regarding factors
affecting local operations (CSR) and industry activities (i.e. DOE, LPGIA, and other LPG

 Participate in the screening process of hiring candidates in coordination with the
Recruitment Team.
 Planning and assigning of work schedule, coaching, training and developing, and discipline
 Evaluate employees. Perform job performance appraisal, employee motivation and
 Enforcing common policies, procedures and directives among employees.




Position Qualifications:
 Highest Educational Attainment : College Graduate
 College Degree : Marketing or any related
 Graduate Studies : Advantage but not required
 Licensure Examinations Passed : N/A
 Preferred Years of Experience : 3 years minimum
 General Skills:
o Strong verbal and written communication skills
o Solid experience in marketing, communications and advertising (and any related)
o Strong research and analytical skills
o Innovative and creative
o Customer-focused
o Familiar with various multimedia distribution channels
o Excellent team work and collaboration skills